Friday, 30 July 2010

Families Against Court of Protection Theft

Families Against Court of Protection Theft is an organisation against the corrupt Government run 'Court of Protection' which is stealing elderly people's, mentally incapable, disabled and those in road accidents who receive compensation MONEY. It is a disgrace that this exists in the UK and we want the general publlic to know what is going on.

Those who defend it are the corrupt solicitors and corrupt people involved in this FRAUD as an organisation we have not come across one person under this corrupt jurisdiction that says it is a useful, helpful and honest department!

If you are a person who is a happy with the Court of Protection we would like to hear from you please email us at and provide us evidence to show you are under the Court of Protection because as an organisation we receive hundreds, thousands of complaints and the Government is doing nothing to STOP it.

Please read the following links to understand the corruption going on!


  1. had first hand Experience of How COP Is CORRUPT And ROBBED My Mother & Late Farther :
    WHITE JUDGE DECIDING TO GIVE BLACK FAMILY's MOTHER'S ESTATE TO COUNCIL On The Word Of A THIEF WHO Would Have Had TO Pay Back What She Stole, If Living Brothers Were Allowed To Carry On Managing Mothers Estate ; Despite Two Brothers Objections, COURT STEALS AND SAY We Have TO PAY Them LARGE SUMS To SAY NO TO THEIR DECISIONS ??

  2. My registration is illegal
    The Court of Protection now requires a patient to have a frontal lobe brain injury: I never had. And it applies retrospectively: all those people with other brain injuries, have to be released by the Court of Protection – and paid damges.
    FAST (Families AgaiSt courT of protection should get on the case). Hugh Jones Solicetrios do mental health receiverships as a business – so MUST act to protect the rights of the injured in their care.
    This is an area where the House of Lords should be active.